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So this is my first time posting I'm having trouble with the sex of my chameleon. I purchased at the end of Jan. 2021 when they were supposedly 2 weeks old ( I'm guessing so because he/she was smaller than my pinky, about 4 in, whole body including tail) so he/she is about 6 and a half months old now. When I purchased the store owner said that he/she is an ambilobe panther chameleon and that I would be able to sex right around now by the hemi- penal bulge on the base of tail. Trouble is I don't trust my own eyes, sometimes I see a bulge sometimes I don't, and rather than guess I figured I'd ask for help. Sorry for so many pictures we had a whole photoshoot. Thanks in advance!


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I wasn't until now considering I thought it was a male lol
She will lay eggs. Besides the basic husbandry needing to be spot on she will need a lay bin placed permanently in the bottom of her cage. She will also have very specific feeding and temps. No hotter then 78-80 at basking and reduced feeding amounts. by the time she is 9-10 months old she should be on a schedule of feeding 3 days a week 3 feeders each time. Reduced feeding and lower basking temps will reduce the clutch size. The smaller the clutch the easier for her to lay them without becoming egg bound.

If you want to do a husbandry review I can post the form for you to fill out. This will help us to identify if there are areas that should be adjusted.

This is a great husbandry program

laybin graphic.jpg
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