making the plunge


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So Ive decided to take the plunge and do a semi-free range with my Veiled. What I'm thinking about doing is hanging a Pothos from the ceiling in front of his cage and connecting it to his cage via vines and then closing it off when I'm not in the room with him (I'm in here more often than not). Ill be posting pics as I go along... if this works out well i plan on hanging a few of them. If i can convince the woman we should turn the bedroom into a jungle. what do you all think?
It sounds like what I want to do. I have a Jackson that hates being caged. If only I could take the time to put it together. Maybe this weekend...
It sounds great until the first time you leave the room and forget to close the door. Just look over the room and cham proof it before your guy get into trouble. Do you have any other pets you would need to worry about? I don't mean to sound negative because I do think it sounds good but I am all about making our chameleons safe.

Thank you for your concern, and your right to point it out. My concern is always going to be my lil guys safety. I have looked over the room and it is cham safe. I"m not one that just jumps into things with out doing some research. No other pets to speak of, and I"m only doing it as a experiment at first. if it works out then great but if not then ill go back to caging him.
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