Making an indoor garden, suggestions and help?

I am turning my spare room into an indoor garden. First question, will a grow light harm my chameleons? I am planning on letting them free range but if they decide to bask under the grow light I don't want it to harm them. I am going to make a design but so far I have though:
-Paint the walls with semi-gloss or gloss paint (what color should I do?)
-Layer painters drop clothe on the floor so the hardwood isn't destroyed by humidity.
-Make a pathway with stepping stones over the drop clothe so your not walking on the plastic and to make it look more like a garden.
-I have 2 tanks, one 10 gal with a salamander and one 30 gal with my ball python. I also have an extra 20 gal tank I don't know what to do with yet, any suggestions? I have 2 chameleon cages also but I won't need one of them which should I put in storage and which should I keep out? The reptarium or the repti-breeze? The reptibreeze is silver and the reptarium is black so which would look better? The reptibreeze does have a drainage system already made for it the reptarium doesn't but the reptarium may stand up to the humidity better.

any other ideas would be great, I am going to be planting seeds as well as getting potted plants.


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Two words... you tube. ;)

I started growing plants indoors.

I use Sylvanian full day light spectrum florescent lights for my tomato, blackberry, raspberry and rose plants.

I go outdoors, dig up the plants that are dormant, and in 2-3 weeks a few dozen little leaves will start to sprout. In 3-4 months you will have tons of leaves.

Plant them outside and put a small metal holed cage over and around them so animals and hoppers don't eat it, or keep it indoors, your choice.

Orchidforums and other forum-like websites are just as good as you tube!

You tube has a lot of tutorials. Also, there are awesome videos on re-rooting cuttings, and keeping plants extra clean. Good stuff!
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