Madagascar Nosy Be Chameleons

Amazing pics as usual Jann:) Im so jealous you got to take a trip there and S.A. and see them in their natural habitat. Its so sad what is happening over there, and you saw it first hand.
Cant wait for the S.A. Bradypodion pics:)


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lol at number 19. Those are some great pictures and beautiful chameleons! The whole place is beautiful really. I am sure you had a good trip:)


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Absolutely Amazing!!! The photo work is amazing and the way you captured them really brought you trip to life!!! Thank you so much Jann for sharing such a wonderful adventure with us!!!


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Wow - what incredible pics, Jann. Thank you so much for sharing them. Now, go take a nap so you are rested enough to post more :D

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Great pictures. Was your Madagascar visit was just to Nosy Be? You kept count and got pictures to go along with them. It seems as though it was a great trip.


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all i can say is WOW!!!!!!!! those are some amazing pics Jann, i loved seeing them all. the males are amazingl!!!! i really loved the 5th pic of the little skinny girl cham that you tries to catch flies for,, she is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
cant wait to see more pics of your trip!!!!!!!


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Awsome pics! I wasn't expecting that you could get that close! I can't wait when I go there (hopefully next year).
I have a question for you: if you could take one of those chams with you, which one would it be? ;)


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Great photos!

It makes me a bit sad to hear all the chams dying off in the dry season. Does that mean they only live one season?!?! poor guys.


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i see 100$ bills all over the place, jk. those were beautiful pictures. it must of been pretty cool to those beautiful creatures in there natural habitat

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Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos with us all:) You are one lucky person to be able to experience viewing chameleons in their natural habitat.


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Those are really, really great pictures Jann! I'm willing to bet you wanted to help them all, feed, hydrate, raise and love them ALL in your own Nosy Be paradise!! (Provided of course that you could include your own menagerie from home in that paradise!) Really stunning photo's - I can't wait to see more!

Ps: did anyone else find themselves searching and searching the pictures looking for the chameleon? I had trouble finding a couple of them and still can't find the Cham in the picture with the resort employee looking at the tree! Time for new glasses! :D
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