Madagascar Jasmine ( Stephanotis floribunda ) cuttings and swap thread.


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Trying to collect names and anyone that can contribute to the project.
Some of you have this growing, and we could all benefit from anyone that has specific horticultural knowledge, willingness to swap, or ideas on rooting cuttings.

I have always had a "green thumb", but Madagascar Jasmine ( Stephanotis floribunda ) is stumping me. This will be my 5th try.
I am being a little stingy on how much I take for each cutting because it's not very fast growing in my setup. It should be exploding- I have the right light, soil, and other parameters, tools, and methods that shouldn't make this such an issue.

Right now the cutting list is (in order) :
#1- James0o0
#2- Matt Vanilla Gorilla
#3 CJ's Exotics
#4 Cyberlocc
#5 Longhorn1234
#6 Chameleophlaged
I thoughts Scottsquatch, Andee, and Brodybreaux25 wanted some too.

Everyone will get a PM directing to this thread, please reply if you still want a cutting and to keep your place in line.
Again, team effort appreciated in everything from:
* offering your own cuttings to exchange (for some genetic diversity)
* any ideas on keeping shipping to a minimum
* any ideas on getting cuttings to root (some of you have advice on advanced techniques like layering)
* ideal growing and flowering environments/techniques such as lighting, soil texture/pH, fertilizer and supplement recommendations, etc.
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I should be ready in a couple months, maybe sooner. I'm moving and expecting my second son to be born early July. I'll let you know asap though.


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Ah I see the name Cyberlocc...I havnt see him on here since 2016...we use to chat all the time lol.


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Has anyone ever made their own rooting hormone gel with willow tree cuttings? I find I get much better results with that than something off the shelf. 100% organic...
I have had a lot of success in the past with planting clippings along with the seeds of other plants that is as similar as possible. Like for instance, plant a apple clipping allong with apple seeds or pear seeds. Also, planting clippings of monocot plants with other monocot seeds or dicot clippings with dicot seeds.
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