Mad chameleon/ just some thoughts

Curtis James

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So my Cham likes climbs on top of the cage and hangs up side down. when's he's up there and I try to bring down he gets real mad at me. When he hangs on top is the only time he ever gets mad enough to open mouth and hiss at me other wise when I grab him he is fine (Unless hanging on top of cage). Should I just leave him be when up there? Is it curiosity for going up there of just cause he enjoys it?

My cage is a 24x24x48
Basking temp 83
Age about 4-5 month old.
Thank you yeah I normally try and let him walk to me Is there any tricks I can do to make him want to come to me more? Or is a time thing and he will be begin to trust me more in time with treats and things like that?
Someone told me that you can put up tape on the top of the cage so your cham stops climbing on the roof of the cage, but I have not personally done that.

Try hand feeding to build up trust and make him understand that you're not a threat. Try not to make eye contact with him when trying to handle him as well. But I kinda find that hard to do..I have to look the little guy in the eyes lol. So just be patient and hopefully he'll get curious!
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