Luna Roaches


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So I stumbled across a roach breeder on Facebook. Florida legal discoids roaches. They”re name is Luna Roaches, if all goes well I owe much respect for them. I placed an order of 35 med to winged adults. You guys can look into them! I’ll give my review next week since they will ship it out Monday. I will be starting my breeding colony. Pics of the roaches will also be included.


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We should show Luna roaches some love! Gorgeous discoids came in today they also gave me a tiny deli cup with water crystals and another small tiny deli cup with crushed up roach food!


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Yes, but they don’t fly, it just shows those are the males. The female have like small stubbed wings. LOL!

LOL Actually Discoids both have long wings. The female wings are a tiny bit shorter than the males but other than that you sex them by their belly markings.
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