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we have a plethra of love bugs swarming the bay area, can i let my veiled do a little pest control?
they should be fine

love bugs" are actually a type of fly and are safe for your cham. - Let him enjoy!
Great! I also have those things everywhere. They seem to have come in a swarm and attacked my house. I lived in Tampa for the last three years and never tried to feed those assuming that they were related to stink bugs or something. Now I'm in Central FL and there seems to be even more of them here. This is good to know.

yeah, and they are slow and clumsy (that's what they get for having sex while trying to fly!:eek: ) so should be easy to collect. I lived in Venice, FL for a few years and though they were a pain, now in NH we have the equivalent, called Black Flies, but they bite, hard and draw blood - I'd be happy with Love Bugs!

Here's a little bit of their food source (they do not feed on dead animals, mammal blood, etc.)

"Adult lovebugs are harmless and do not sting or bite. They feed on the nectar of various plants, especially sweet clover, goldenrod and brazilian pepper. Usually, lovebug flights are restricted to daylight hours and temperatures above 68°F. At night lovebugs rest on low growing vegetation."
(from:" love bugs)

have fun!
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