Lost chameleon?

So I have a 5-6 month old veiled chameleon and I usually let the cage door open and it sometimes likes to climb onto the fake plants outside of the cage, it was strange today cause this morning she was on the bottom of the cage which was extremely rare and now when I came back to check on her she wasn't there. I took out everything in my cage and searched for her but I couldn't find her. And she wasn't on the usual fake plant if she was outside the cage. Any ideas where she might have went?:(


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Look high, up curtains, lamps etc. do you have any cats or dogs? Search each room starting with the room her cage is in, she has to be somewhere :) don't panic though, she's inside and she can probably see you even if you can't see her. Remember they are experts at hiding. Is she a hungry girl? You could always try to lure her out with a juicy bug.


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Don't worry too much, unless you have a cat or dog that was in the room at the time.

I suggest doing what the previous member said. Try luring it out with a tasty bug, just look all over the place. You'll find the chameleon eventually if it is inside the house. :)

Be very wary of where you step and sit. It could be anywhere. They like to be high up though, so start by the ceiling. Anywhere higher up it might have gotten, like curtains, blinds..
Yeah I would be very careful of every door you open and close. I would also go triple check the fake plant she may just be right infront of you and you scanned over her. If not you should able to track her, 5-6month old cham cant grip thethickest things so she should be limited in the things she can climb in your house. My cham loves to climb chairs,bookshelves,blinds,lamps and curtain rods when I let him roam in my house so maybe you should check those places. Also if she isn't on the fake tree I'm sure she ran to the next closest tree/plant in sight. Good luck, I'm sure you'll find her!
I just found her on my desk on a notepad Yay! Also the pet store said she was a female but I'm not sure if she really is one. The picture is sorta blurry.


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Since she's 5 to 6 months old my guess would be she is receptive or gravid. They roam ALLOT for both. I would look everywhere. When mine are receptive and gravid they get out of their trees and roam around, even on the floor roaming around. I have to confine them to one room with the door closed and be extremely careful when I open the door because 90% of the time they are behind it wanting out. As mentioned above be very careful not to step on her.


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Yay so glad you found her and nothing bad happened (apart from your heart attack of course) it's easy to sex veiled chams, look at the back feet and if you see a little spur then she's a he. If no spur she is in fact a she!
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