Lost chameleon URGENT!!!!


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I just realized when I got home today that my chameleon was not in his cage please help with any helpful hints and or ideas to get him corralled and or attract him back to his cage
Look up. Follow all power cords to their highest points. Look behind tvs and computers on the power cords. In closets on clothes hangers, anything that could be a potential "tree" to your chameleon. Good luck, keep us posted.
:/ That's not good. Try to look everywhere he might have gone, and places that seem a little far-fetched. If your house is cold he might be in the warmest room or something. Also how did he get out and are you sure he's gone? I've thought lost my cham but he was just under my nose or something.
Look up by curtains, blinds, in closets, door sills, on the TV edge, basically on top of things. They hate to be under things. Good luck, I hope you find your baby.
Be precautionary. Close toilet lids so your chameleon does not drown. Don't leave out large tubs of water or anything extremely hot that your chameleon could potentially burn themselves if they walk on. Good luck.
what szpond says its true!
I have seen threads of people saying they found their cham swiming in the toilet!
This happened to me once, and my cham was hiding in my closet, between my hanged shirts....
Wait till dark when he goes to sleep and has resting colors, then use a flashlight to look on all power cords, curtain rods, basically anything up high.
My first Jackson used to escape to the nearest open window and chill between the window frame and the screen... I wish you the best of luck finding your free range chameleon
I'm sure this is a given, but make sure you and everyone in your household watches where they step while he's missing. Wish you luck!
Check tv cables, under things ( when my female escaped I found her under a bed on the underside of a box spring.

Check near windows, vents, in clothing if you have a closet.
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