Lost and FOUND chameleon


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a week ago i left my 8 month female veiled on my front deck on a small tree and when I returned back to check on her 5 minutes later she had disapeared. I searched for her for 2 days with no luck. It was most likely that a crow had taken her but i tried not to think about it. 7 days later i find her in a tree on the other side of my yard. Thats about 50 meters away from where i had left her!! The surprising thing is that there was a giant storm last night and it was unlikely she would've survived! By the way i live in west vancouver, bc canada and its pretty cold during the night. Anyways, im thankful i found her.
Wow that is crazy but a great story! Thank god you found her that most of been so heartbreaking :(
I couldnt imagine what you were going through. I would have gone crazy. Great ending though. How is she doing now?

When I found her i noticed her eyes were a little sunken...but shes doing great now, she should be back to normal in no time! Thanks for the response!
o my gosh u must have been in great peril and dismay! is the beauty okay? u must give her tender and nurturing love no doubt for shizzle! that is the only way her soul will forgive your ignorance. i hope to god she is okay for i myself feel i am a chameleon at heart and i wud not like to have that happen to me. sincerely, bob blakeman

WOW thats a devistating story maG! You're lucky u weren't taking care of someone elses chameleon for them and was so silly enough to have misplaced it! They would have been really upset! Well hope you have better luck with that! By the way you should name it lucky!
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