Loose lip at the end of mouth.


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Got back from the vet yesterday. The dead tissue was taken out from the gums.
I'll be giving him Vitamin C one time every day, calcium every day, and brushing his gums and teeth with the antibacterial paste the vet gave me.
I actually was possible of injecting the Vitamin C into a dubia, which I hand fed him. I hope his lips will get back to normal after the medication.
Also, the ficus has ended it's quarantine, and soon after that, I've put it in the cage, instead of the old fake ficus.
Good to hear. I hope he feels better soon. THe ficus is beautiful!


UPDATE: While his lips began looking normally, I noticed something worrying when brushing his teeth-they became a bit dirty once again, despite brushing them two times every day. And additionally- I've noticed some blood droplets when gently rotating the paste-covered ear stick.
I can guess that was the injury that has lead to him having the mouth rot in the first place. I will continue to provide him with vitamins, calcium and antibacterial paste, do you think it will be enough? (Vet said so)


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You brush his teeth? Can you show usnwht you use to brush them Please. I’m worried it might be very stressful for him.
what’s the antibacterial paste you use?



I use so called "ear sticks" and cover them in the paste (it's semi transparent, blue substance I was given by the vet, but he didn't tell me it's name, but I can ask about it.
Once the stick is covered in it, I'm trying to gently open his mouth, usually he won't do it, so I'm limited to spreading the paste on his gums, and If I'm fortunate enough, the cham will try to eat it, spreading it on the inside of his mouth (teeth included)
As the sticks are completely harmless, there is no way they could cut his gums anew.
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