looking to buy mantis ooths asap

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by greenemerald, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. greenemerald

    greenemerald New Member

    any one please comment where I can get them online or paypal from you
    also looking for silk moth and silk worm
  2. Daniel266jz

    Daniel266jz Avid Member

    matisplace is one of our sponsors they have them thats all i know
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  3. NickTide

    NickTide Avid Member

    I am told (I can not confirm) that anything you get this time of year will be dead and wont hatch.
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  4. hopps31

    hopps31 Avid Member

    @Katacara has great silkworms, I highly recommend:)
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  5. Macasus

    Macasus Member

    I got some on ebay.
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  6. Dave Bolamperti

    Dave Bolamperti Avid Member

    Nick has them . Check out full throttle feeders , a site sponsor
    Good luck
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  7. NickTide

    NickTide Avid Member

    I highly recommend Nick Barta. However, he is the one that told me, when I placed an order last week, ooths are dead this time of year.
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