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Hi everyone,

I have a youtube channel where I talk about my chameleon and care for chameleon.
Now, I really want to start a series where I can educate people on types of illnesses/ disease that are common with chameleons. My chameleon has been fairly healthy since I have had him for two years, so I do not have that much experience with dealing with illnesses.

The reason why I am creating this post is so that I can learn more about these illnesses. I also want to hear from the people who have experienced with these illnesses. I would also love to have comparison pictures ect.

If anyone can help me out I would love to give some people credit in my videos, as well as any pictures I use. Thank you all in advance!


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my chameleon used to have a sinus infection, that looks like this

mbd is a calcium deficiency disease which basically cause the boned to melt inside the cham

eye abcess is the formation of a mass within the eye

and upper respiratory infection is the infection of the lungs


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