Looking for a Veiled Cham

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I am looking for a male veiled to keep as a pet, I would prefer one at least 3 months old, because I know how hard they are to care for when they are really young... If anyone has any available anywhere near Cincinnati, or would be willing to ship, please let me know!

Kate Smith
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LLLreptile has a cham sale on now buy one, get the second for half off. I am not sure how old the veileds they have now are, but I think at least a couple of months, just ask them they are very helpful. I have bought things from LLL before and have never been disappointed.
LLL Reptile in Escondido has a large male (pretty big one) not sure of the age though. I have bought 5 chameleons from them. 4 Veiled and a Verrucosus. If not, wait till the San Diego Reptile Show this weekend at the Del Mar Fair Grounds. Steve.
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