Looking for a "Lizard sitter"!


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Hello, I'm new to the forum so apologies if I posted this to the wrong area. I have a roughly 8 month old ( I'm his second home so not sure his exact age) male veiled chameleon named Cillian. Who is in need of someone trustworthy to check on and feed him while I'm on a trip from April 29th to May 9. His entire enclosure is fully automated mister, lights, etc. I unfortunately do not have anyone near by that I know who could look after him as I just moved here not that long ago. I live near Melbourne florida, if your interested or know someone who may be. 😊


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I went through an online pet service. I can't remember the name. But basicaly you will have a list of people to choose from. It will say dogs or cats, just go through it like you have one. At he end is where you can message the people and ask directly. I found many. They are licensed and bonded, and she sent picks of everybody every day. They kind of make their own price, so try to find one close. Best move I made. I have many animals, but 2 baby veiled at the time, she even fed them.
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