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Hello everyone

I have decided on a jacksons chameleon. I have had a veiled for a couple years now and what to try a new one. The horns look really cool I think. Some pics I see jacksons with nice blue/green/yellow colors. Other times they are more green/black. I would like to purchase a male whos father was colorful. Any recomendations? I saw Brad bought a new chameleon from chameleonsonly.com. I would give them a try buy they dont sell jacksons.

Thanks :)
I would like to get one too sometime within the next month or two :)
I plan to start searching for a good breeder soon and will let you know what I find.
That would be great. Thanks.

Ive done a lot of reading on jacksons not much info on different colors. Maybe the colors come out only when breeding? I also heard there is a dwarf jackson that might have more color? Thanks for the link. They have a lot of different chameleons but no jacksons right now.
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you can find blue jacksons! Ive seen em, they have blue beards and bellys! I like em and they are only $100.00.
Can't remember where you get em but, search google and I am sure you will find em.
if you guys want to see any pics of my jacksons ill be happy to post them..been breediding jacksons for 6yrs.. i just got to clutches from 2 differnt females .there about a week old now and doing wonderful..i also got to other females that are getting ready to give birth any day now to..thank you
fyi...The colored Jacksons you guys speak of are call Mnt. Kenya jacksons(jacksonii jacksonii).. they are pretty rare these days.. I know mike at flchams had a few last year...
This seems like a good thread of topic.. How safe is it to order from a breeder/supplier over the net? My husband has always wanted a jacksons... I went on Kingsnake and found a pair for $100 shipped. The guys says they are CB 10-15 months and health issue free.. Is this safe? Ive only ever bought from pet stores on individuals getting rid of their pets..Thanks.
Mt. Kenya Xantholophus Jacksons

Hey, Im new to this site but Have owned and bred Chameleons for years. A challange I sought as I was always told dont get into Chameleons when you
live in a dry, High Altitude climate like mine! Well if it is not a challange I probubly wouldnt do it! And personally all Chameleons are a challange as you all could agree, Well I have been VERY sucsessfull Up here High in the Colorado Mountains. And I just had a clutch of Xanth Jacksons babies about 2
weeks back. These little guys are healthy as hell and eating like savages! I do plan on selling them after I raise them up to a good healthy size for resale, in a month or so. Also to add my Male Sire is very yellow at the sides & mouth, green and some Dark green around that with sort of a teal blue green through the high tail! Quite a pretty Lizard With about 1 1/4" horns.
I went on Kingsnake and found a pair for $100 shipped. The guys says they are CB 10-15 months and health issue free.. Is this safe?

I'd ask myself a couple questions here: How many breeders keep panthers or veileds until they're over a year old to sell? How much would it cost to feed two chameleons for a year? Does it make sense that a retailer would sell two chameleons that he's been feeding for a year for $100 shipped? Most retailers sell their Jackson's as CB, however they're almost always wild captured from Hawai'i. Seems most retailers consider Hawai'i to be "captivity." :rolleyes: Anyway, there's nothing wrong with the Hawai'ian Jackson's, they're just far from being captive bred. I'd recommend looking up the vendor selling them on Faunaclassifieds.com's Board of Inquiry before making any purchases.
$100 for a pair of jacksonii (most likely xantholophus) is not a bad price, but keep in mind that they will not be "captive-bred" (most jacksonii in the U.S. originate from "farmed" operations in California, but they are far from "captive"), so the fact that someone would advertise them as such should raise a red flag.

Jackson's chameleons, like most other ovoviviparous species, are quite challenging to breed (getting a gravid, wild, female doesn't count), and even more so to raise from the neonatal stage, so, finding true, captive-bred jacksonii is not common (although not entirely impossible). So, Kent makes an important point-- people who have been able to breed jacksonii and raised the neonates past six months would most likely not offer them at that price.

On the other hand, there are reputable dealers out there offering healthy, "farmed," jacksonii, just be prepared for the usual acclimation/quarantine process.


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