Looking for a female oustalets chameleon


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Looking for a female oustalets chameleon, just purchased a male oustalets chameleon from Underground Reptiles beginning of March. He has already been treated for mouth rot and parasites. I already have a 6Wx6Lx8H outdoor fine screened enclosure and allow free roam indoors. *Was hoping to find breeder in Florida or a different retailer. Posted picture of my male for reference. Would like a adult female with good coloration.


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We had a male. He arrived sick from Underground Reptiles coccidia, mouth rot. Even after treating him for everything his kindey function never returned. He ended up passing. No longer looking for a female. Trying to find a breeder or better petshop in Florida
Oh, sorry to hear that. And I almost purchased one from underground. There is a few of us that was looking for a breeder. Good luck with your search.
Oh, sorry to hear that. And I almost purchased one from underground. There is a few of us that was looking for a breeder. Good luck with your search.
Those pictures are from the day he arrived. The last pictures was two days efore he passed. He was atleast full, happy, and loved.


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You can definitely see it in pic 1 and 4. The nerve some of these reptile stores have to sell you something like that. Did you contact Underground and see what they can do for you? I'm guessing they asked for pics and then made up a reason to not refund you or replace with another.
I ordered 3 baby snappers and him all were a mess. All three snappers died, and Sid made it a month. I honestly thought he would pull through. Refunded the first turtle, no response to anything else. I sent pictures of Sid the day after he arrived they asked me if he showed up like that. I didn't notice at first he was black and freezing so I put him right in his cage.
Oh there is that one Mendez mentioned. I got a feeling that's probably going to be the only one. And that's if they have oustalets.
Just seeing this post. I had a very similar experience with UG reptiles. Except I actually called them and specifically requested from a real person the healthiest male they had. They sent me a male that had severe gout, emaciated and dislocated hind leg.
I called them back, complained, they said they would send me another. 3 days later I received the “replacement”- this poor guy was so weak and dehydrated he couldn’t even hang onto branches. He passed within the first 24 hours. The original one lived about 3 weeks.

I’ll never purchase anything from UnderGround reptiles again. I realize WC animals go through hell getting to America, and I had no doubts these guys would be in rough shape, but they were nearly dead on arrival. Felt horrible that I participated in their torture.

Lesson learned- I will only ever buy from places that will send me pics of the actual animal before purchase.

UG reptiles sucks.
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