Look who I caught trying to steal my veileds crickets!


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Caught green handed!

First pic is of him committing the crime!

Second picture is him trying to hide and escape!

Third picture is of him caught red handed!


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He's cute. What kind of lizard is he? We have anoles, day geckos and a snake in our yard.

He's a skink!

Day geckos? Anoles? I guess FL has the same kinds of reptiles as HI because that's exactly what I saw when I was in Maui.
you people with wild lizards are so lucky - that is a pretty skink - a thief, but still a pretty one :p

Once we had a blue tongued skink just like that roam into our living room.

I was walking home and my mother was on top of the couch with a broom like you see in the cartoons. I thought maybe a mouse got in the house, but no. A skink.

I picked it up and put it outside again.
lol I had same thing happen to me a couple years ago was a couple of them livin here with me stealin escaped feeders.. fast forward 2 years there still here but a lot bigger!!! I haveta keep taking them bk outside cause they keep comin in the house..
I believe that's a southern alligator lizard, not a skink. :)

When they said skink I was like that does not look like skink but I saw a lizard that looked like that and I could not put my finger on it until you said it. I also wish I lived where lizards roam free :(
I believe that's a southern alligator lizard, not a skink. :)

Correct. But I am in Nor Cal lol.

He is a little thief!

His family has been snagging crickets and other feeders from my house for years. I actually love the little family of alligator lizards we have around my house. I see the babies they have every year :)
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