Lllreptile? Good or bad?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChameleonClem, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. ChameleonClem

    ChameleonClem Member

    so ive heard so woes recently about how someone had a horrible time trying to order a mistking. They expirenced bad customer service and was basiclly forced into a preorder situation. (They apparently got it sorted out.)

    In the past ive ordered chameleons, vines, etc from them and they had excelent customer service and everything, my experience was fan-fudging-tastic :p. But that was 2013-2014 ish. And theyre a much more popular site now.

    Are they still great?
    Are they horrible?
    Was the mistking fiasco a freak incident?

    Just thought this would be a good topic for debate! :rolleyes:
  2. broderp

    broderp Avid Member

    That was me, I'm not afraid to to say they screwed me. A word of advise, if you decide to order from them, I'd recommend calling them first and be sure they actually have the item in stock ready to ship.

    Bait and switch is not acceptable. You take someones money instantly after they purchase on the premise of it being in stock then tell them its not and they will have to wait for up to two weeks! I was willing to let my Cham go with 1-2 hand mistings per day until they got the item in stock. (I will never make my Sherman wait again, that was my wrong doing) All I asked is that they expedite my shipping to at least two day to prevent me from waiting yet a 3rd week. They ignored my emails and responded back with almost canned responses until I pressed the issues. They even then responded with a the same response "we will ship your item as soon as it arrives, you should get it within 5-7 days". At that point, I went to another vendor and had it in 3 days. LLLReptile did refund my money very quickly, without even as much as an apology for their screw up.

    This was my experience, I'm sure many others have had a neutral or even a good experience. Just know that if you buy it, and its not in stock then you will either wait for it or just need to go elsewhere. Not worth the hassle for me.

    A rare occurrence or not, their response and how they handled it speaks volumes to me. Poor customer service. Period. Be careful with this topic. The forum does not currently tolerate bashing or negativity towards dealer/ sellers especially those that are site sponsors.
  3. ChameleonClem

    ChameleonClem Member

    Thats what i was thinking as i read your thread about it, how little they seemed to care :eek: I think ill avoid them as you said, or call in person and ask. Though im sure ill be able to find another site now, especially since ive found a reptile expo within driving distance! :D It really is a shame to find they did that to you, busy season or not. Im glad you got it cleared up though (y)
  4. broderp

    broderp Avid Member

    Thanks. Yeah, I'm glad I got it cleared up. Too bad it cost them a customer. Word of mouth can also cost you too. ;)

    I wish I had an expo near me. There are a few decent reptile shows, but they tend to be snake, turtle and dragon heavy. Not a lot of specialized cham stuff. :(
  5. poison

    poison Avid Member

    Hi, I've been going to lll for many many years as I live in San Diego. I can't speak for all of their locations I've only been to 3 and all 3 were very nice. Their Chams seem very healthy and they are always cleaning enclosures through out their day. LLL Offeres wc animals with species that are not commonly CB this gives people the opportunity to work with a new species. The only time I've questioned their animals is with these wc specimens I have never dealt with them online but many times in person and I will keep going back.
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  6. broderp

    broderp Avid Member

    There seems to be some debate over the morality or stigma of WC as it promotes the very barbaric practices and illl treatment of the animals within the trade. I'm not sure if there are any legit WC middle men, but you are right, without them many unique species would not be available to keepers who can properly care for them.
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  7. nightanole

    nightanole Chameleon Enthusiast

    In before thread gets locked for breaking the rules.

    But i asked for a male cham, and they sent me a pic of the exact one they would ship me, to see if it was up to my standards. That was a big upgrade vs backwater that doesnt even have a phone...
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  8. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    I bought a cage from them last year, their brand, it was delivered promptly and it is better made than many of the pet store big name brands. I would like another but they aren't available on their site currently in the size I want.
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  9. broderp

    broderp Avid Member

    I wish the forum allowed this sort of thread or had a special place for it on the forum rather than point you to a third party website. People have opinions based on experiences they have had. I see nothing wrong with sharing them if asked, site sponsor or not. When you censor comments and threads that may shed someone in a negative light and ban or lock down such thread then it looks like you are more concerned about the $$ coming in from the sponsor ship than potentially preventing a bad experience or giving the company a way to dispute or make changes to improve. That's all will say about that.
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  10. nightanole

    nightanole Chameleon Enthusiast

    Its not censorship. This nonprofit site just doesnt have the resources to moderate, hire the PR team, and even the legal counsel.

    At best we might be able to setup something for reviewing official site sponsors if it was written into the contract.
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  11. broderp

    broderp Avid Member

    The reason it's being done is irrelevant, and I'm not saying I disagree with it. If you prevent anyone from speaking their mind because you don't like what you hear, it opposes an idea, concept, it could potentially alter revenue or put you in bad graces with another entity your catering to, then it's censorship.

    Censorship can be good and bad. I don't think the normal person wants to have a raving lunatic on the forum who is trolling and dropping "F" bombs on a mostly family friendly place, so we ban them. That is censoring. Not allowing opinions and facts because it may paint someone or someplace in a negative picture is censoring.

    Its the site moderator and owners who make the rules and we abide by them. A lack of money to hire a "PR" team or "legal counsel" doesn't change that fact. In fact those are reasons TO censor!

    BACK ON TOPIC: LLLReptile would not be my first choice as I have had good experiences elsewhere. ;)
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  12. I think the old saying goes "the customer is always right".
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  13. Decadancin

    Decadancin Moderatoris Americanus
    Staff Member

    Constant deleting of things that I don't like would be censorship. Not having public disputes and reviews is a method of keeping the community focused on chameleons and their care, not companies. I see plenty of accusations about sticking up for site sponsors, etc. But the reality is that if a sponsor is doing something the forum staff deems inappropriate then action can be (and has been) taken. Members would not likely know it happened because that is not why we take action. As stated, we are not a platform for reviewing companies, and there are sites for that. We often link people to them for readily available information so I don't see censorship from my point of view, just site rules.
  14. broderp

    broderp Avid Member

    Its not censorship if it's just following the rules. Got it. (y)

    In all fairness to you and all moderators and admin, I don't recall any removal of comments that I can tell (I'm sure there may have been) and you guys give us a pretty wide range to express ourselves.

    I just find it odd we have forums dedicated to vendor news, whats being sold etc., but no place to review customer service and personal experiences, yet we talk about said products every day. In my mind, alerting someone about a fraud or service issue IS helping with Chameleons and their care. It could be done respectfully and policed accordingly, maybe someday.... :rolleyes: Thanks for this forum.
  15. ChameleonClem

    ChameleonClem Member

    Oh gosh im so late to this parade. :eek:
    Ive never been to the one i mentioned, its in Kentucky, its quite a drive but i do enjoy a good road trip (y)

    I got my cage from amazon, its just a basic cham cage though, 4 ft tall 2 ft wide. I dont know if they still have those or not.. Anything bigger id DIY it ;).
  16. JGspecial

    JGspecial Established Member

    its straw manning lllreptile and making them lose potential customers because YOU had a bad situation and feel the need to keep singing like a little bird about how terrible of a time you had subliminally turning people off to them. we get it, give it up. youre really annoying and i dont care if you dont like me for opening my mouth. you probably think its annoying when i talk to you right? now your in lllreptiles shoes.

  17. EveryGreen

    EveryGreen Established Member

    i ordered my lil dude from there, great packaging. lots of shredded paper, very heat sealed stirefoam. and the heat pads (i ordered 2) were still hot! i also ordered mealworms and some pinheads and they were both alive and healthy. overnight shipping if i remember.
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  18. EveryGreen

    EveryGreen Established Member

    and keep in mind. im pretty sure they have their shop in cali. and im in virginia, so they flew overnight and i got it the next day at like 10 or so. oh and i also ordered a ficus i believe. i had my hopes up and they did not let me down.
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  19. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    Thanks, I just wanted to match the one I have. I'm not in a hurry to buy anything. I only mentioned it at all because I was pleased enough with the quality to buy another.
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  20. broderp

    broderp Avid Member

    I could care less what you think or say. I had an experience and if asked in a public forum I will state it. I suggest that you add me to your ignore list if you find what I say annoying or ignore me. I don't know you, so I can't like or dislike anyone here -even you.:cool: That's the beauty of a public forum. (y)
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