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  1. Chameleonhands808

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    Hey everyone!,

    Been working on this wall for a few days now finally have it done with plants added. I'll be getting a jackson chamleon who my 3 year old son insists on naming Rhino. Ill have more pictures later of the set up and "Rhino." Just want to thank everyone for the tips and advice in my previous post, deciding to hold off on a bio active set up for now. Going to be away from the home for 3 months so wife has to take on all the duties and don't want to over burden her and my young son. Anywho again just wanted to show you guys the progress and thank you guys for the support!
  2. Chameleonhands808

    Chameleonhands808 New Member

    Here's a picture...

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  3. jamest0o0

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    Looks nice. Those creeping fig do well for me and are covering the bottom of my enclosure fast.
  4. Chameleonhands808

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    As promised!! Rhino is in the enclosure and kids are watching him like a hawk.. I haven't heard silence like this in years.

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    That’s really awesome (y):D

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