Live vs. Freeze Dried Insects


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Hello! I'm new to this website and chameleon care, and had some questions about feeding chameleons.

I know that chameleons should be fed live insects such as crickets, roaches, etc. with supplements. Would it be okay to use dead insects instead, like canned or freeze-dried crickets? My cham doesn't use his tongue to "attack" his food, due to what a good friend of mine and I believe to have been an issue when he was younger. Also, my family is very much against the idea of keeping and breeding insects in the house, and I have tried to explain many times that it's normal to breed insects for chameleons and reptiles. The point being, dead insects would probably be easier for him to eat if my assumptions are correct, and would be easier to keep than living insects. Are there any reliable sources of non living insects to feed my chameleon?

As a side note, the chameleon in question here is currently living with a friend of mine who knows how to care for chameleons for an indefinite amount of time while I can get his cage and supplies set up in my own home. He is being properly cared for, and in the meantime I am making sure that his habitat is okay and that I have everything necessary to take care of him :)
thy will not take dead insects and even if they did it would sacrifice a lot of nutritional value doing so compared to well gut loaded insects.

if your family is against insects you have a problem. Crickets will sometimes escape and even a dubia roach may find an opportunity to do so.
Freeze-dried insects are not going to work for a chameleon. I've used them to supplement aviary bird diets, but I would never use them as a staple food. IMHO, they smell and look horrible too!
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