Live Chat Sunday?


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Anyone up for a cham chat? I was thinking Sunday afternoon around 2PM CST. This would be open topic, although I will also be looking for help and advice on the conservation section for this site.

On a side note, if anyone has tried recently to get in touch with me and failed, please try again. I finally finished a big work related project last night and I am now back to my more normal schedule.
i'm spending sunday afternoon with my mother... its mothers day.
I forgot about mothers day when making this post. I think it would be best to reschedule to sometime during the week. Tuesday good for anyone?
Tuesday sounds great for me as well. Let me know the time. Sorry I haven't been around lately! I will post some news for you all so you will see what I have been up to :).

In the Netherlands and Germany it was also last sunday.
So I think just england is a wierd country in this ;-)

I will be in the chat room at tuesday at 2PM for anyone that wants to talk about chameleons. However, due to work and school schedules that other members may have the official chat will be this Saturday (May 20) at 3PM CST.

Hi Brad I'd love to join the chat. But do you have any idea what time ít would be in europe? (london or amsterdam those two differ one hour).

Saterday is no option as then is the biggest meeting of chameleon keepers/breeders in germany.
I might be off an hour or two, but I believe 3PM CST equals 9AM London or 10AM Amserdam. Pushing it to 4PM CST may be better for everyone. It is hard to find the perfect time. I am trying not to conflict with work and school schedules so weekends are usually the best. The current time falls between meal times in the USA and is also daylight hours in Europe; I am open to suggestions.

Saterday is no option as then is the biggest meeting of chameleon keepers/breeders in germany.
Wish I could be there. Let us know how it goes. We will begin to have chats at least bi-monthly, so you can always make the next one :)
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