Little update


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after Pascala fall… well… jump she didn’t end up breaking anything or bruising herself, obviously over the moon about!

Really eager to get her in her enclosure now 😩 been airing downstairs for a week now ( the varnish is low odur ) do you think it’ll be safe to put her in there now ? I Can’t smell anything/ varnish if I stick my head in her new enclosure but obviously I know a chameleon has tiny lungs and it may be different/ stronger to her… but do you think it would be safe? As I said it’s been a week since it was varnished .

Dying to get her in there mainly because of the lay bin as I’ve yet to get some scales to keep track of her weight, she’s also not eaten so much today even though we’ve cut down as suggested to 8 medium crickets a day and the occasional worm as a treat (did this to possibly help slow the process of her producing eggs while she’s still in her small endlcosue) but isn’t a sign of her going to the bottom of her enclosure a tell tail that she might want to start digging and the uninterest of food?

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