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I would like them.:p
Oranges can be used as a portion of the gut load but sugary fruit should be limited. I would think Cheerios would be a poor choice but I don't know.
I make my own out of a green leafy vegetable from the list, an orange squash or carrots, bell peppers, a touch of citrus and/or mango or apple. I make large batches chopped up fine together and frozen in logs that I slice portions off of as needed.


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Oranges work but i usually pair it with dark leafy greens and root veggies with dry gutload. I have a minimum of 3 different veggies and/or fruit a night with a rotation of 6 a week and then switching in 3 new ones biweekly


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so I was thinking
1 slice orange
2 turnip greens (chopped)
1 tiny slice of apple
chops of carrots
straw of alfalfa
anything else?


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In order for insects to eat alfalfa you have to grind it.

.... add vitamins. If you have herptivite add 1/4 teaspoon and 1/8 teaspoon of calcium. I hate frozen based gutloads but this will help boost vitamin and mineral content that will get lost in cold temps. If you have spices

Add turmeric or ground ginger
Small amounts of granulated garlic
Small amount of high quality cinnamon
Celery seed ground up is good too
I suggest getting bee pollen and spirulina layer down the line

For veggies and fruit
Do you have celery tops? Sweet potato? Squash? Zuchinni? Spring mix? Basil? Strawberries? Raspberries? Carrot tops?

The thing is when you make frozen gutload before hand you cant switch it up so make it as diverse as possible.


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with d3 or without? i have strawberry that all don't know where to get bee pollens prob will add granulated garlic not any other of spices


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Without d3, bee pollen and spirulina you can easily get online on ebay or amazon or at a health food store.


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Hi guys - I came across this video and I was wondering if you ever tried something similar.

I like the fact it's all in powder form and therefore should last longer outside the fridge, at least in theory. Is this correct?

If all ingredients are boiled, does it damage any of the nutritional value?

Where would be a good place to send crickets, superworms, etc. to be analysed to see if this actually works against traditional ways of feeding them with vegetables?

Many thanks in advance for any good clues :)
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