Limey's first vet visit


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Limey is a 15 mo old veiled cham. He's always been quite healthy from my neurotic nellie husbandry. Of course he's shed many times before but this time it looked a little different. I made an appt with the vet because I've read too many posts about skin disorders going bad.
He was very good and was his usual green until the vet exclaimed how gorgeous he was. Then he fired up and became a huge disc of color! Everyone in the ofc had to come take a look! He was admired by all. He was only shedding and they said he was the healthiest cham they've seen.
Happy ending!


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I think they have something there.:) he is a beautiful healthy looking chameleon. congrats, I love a good vet visit.
What a handsome boy! Good to hear that he got a clean bill of heath and thanks to you for being a responsible cham keeper and taking him for a check up.
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