Likes Flowers More Than Bugs?

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I recently put a hibiscus flower in my 4 month female velieds cage to she what she would do, because she loves bright colors. She attacked that flower like nobody's business :LOL:. She doesn't eat her bugs at all, and I'm kind of concerned about that but would it be ok if she ate one or two petals of hibiscus a day? (Also if you have any pointers on her not eating i would love them! Feeder Cups etc. I think its because the roaches don't move because i can hand feed her and she will like them. Super worms are not a problem) Thoughts?


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Theres nothing wrong with eating Hibiscus flowers, i use fresh cut flowers in my gutload. Supers are not a problem if you feed occasionally or as a treat. Wouldnt use them as a staple, personally i find them disgusting and dont use them at all. If supers are the only thing shell eat then you might have to play hard ball with her for afew days to get her to eat different things. Simply dont offer supers until she eats other insects. May take 2-3 days may take 10 days.
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