Lights Question

I can't remember what I bought last time I went out to get his lights.
I'm going to buy him a replacement ReptiSun UVB bulb, and can't remember if I use the 5.0 or the 10.0....?
Commah is an (almost) 12 month old Vield Chameleon. Which should I get this time?


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It depends on what type of enclosure you have and how much foliage that can potentially block out the light. If you have lots of foliage, and a tall enclosure, I'd go with the 10.0. If your cham spends a ton of time in the open basking, I'd stay with the 5.0. Both have been used with great success ;).
Yeah my finance threw out the light because it blew.
When I got to the store I blanked on which one to get!
THANKS, though. I got the 5.0, just if anyone was wondering. Haha
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