I need help in deciding which light to purchase. The two I have in mind are from zoo med. I am debating on reptisun T-5 or reptisun T-8. I really don’t know the difference. Which should I buy.


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Generally its the 22" T5HO reptisun hood with the 5.0 bulb. You can even get fancier and spend the extra $$$ for the hood with the extra leds in it.



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So your going to want a T5 for a panther. If you are doing a single bulb or dual bulb fixture then you want a 5.0 zoo med UVB bulb or a 6% arcadia uvb bulb. If you are doing a quad fixture with individual reflectors for each bulb you will need the same bulb as above... The only time you will increase to a 10.0 zoo med or 12% arcadia is if you are doing a quad that has 1 reflector for all 4 bulbs.
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