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Hi guys

New to Chameleons but have done a lot of reading

one thing i don't get is how to light the tank properly

I am using a Reptisun 5.0 bulb and a 75 watt heat light but the tank is still very dark


Not sure how to get more light to the bottom

Any other suggestions that you can see i should do with the tank



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Yo want it darker at the bottom I allow for a uv gradient to occur. You could add a 6500k grow light onto the cage which wouldn't help the umbrella plant grow.


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Yes, you could add another linear fluorescent light (I like 5000k but you can do 6500k daylight bulbs, available at Home Depot/Lowe's/Walmart for a couple dollars.) The K is for kelvins, so light temperature. It should say it on the box, both of these light temps will be by the "bright white" section of fluorescents, vs. the more yellow ones. It'll help your plants too!

Pop one of these on a cage and it'll be much brighter. But they don't put out any significant heat, so it won't interfere with the temperatures of your cage, like adding another inccandescent light would.
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