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Lizard Lovers....Caesars basking bulb finally burnt out. I'm considering changing the lighting a bit. Perhaps UVA/UVB bulb or two and getting rid of the ZooMed 10.0 UVB (for deeper penatration on the large enclosure) and separate ZooMed (150w) basking bulb on dimmer switch (always casts a yellow light, not good for displaying my colorful boy. Any thoughts and product reviews you can share?


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For uv have a look at the Arcadia T5 uv bulbs. They give out a nice crisp white light and lots of uv.

Most heat bulbs will give off a yellow glow when lit due to how they give off the light.
Thanks Bradley. I think I will up my investment and get this combination set from It comes with an Arcadia 6% and a 6.5K day-light bulbs. I vacillated between the 6% and 12% because of the size of the enclosure. But he spends the majority of his time at the top of the enclosure, I don't think I'll need the depth penetration like I did when he was little.
I was going to recommend lightyourreptiles, but I see you've already found them. The dual fixture you picked out was exactly what I was going to suggest and what I plan on getting in my cage. I've seen pictures of this setup and it looks great and plus your plants survive! I'd stick with the 6% arcadia was well.
You can get the same quality housing at home depot for $15-$20. Then I buy my bulbs on amazon.. Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 High Output UVB Fluorescent Bulb 32 Watts, 48-Inch & Zoo Med Ultra Sun Trichromatic Super Daylight 6500K Fluorescent Bulb T8 32 Watt, 48-Inch & a separate 100 watt basking bulb. Whole set up under $100. It's a lot of light but I free range, he has an entire nook.
These bulbs the poster wants are HO T5 bulbs. You may be able to buy T5 housing elsewhere but the bulbs will not work correctly unless the fitting is for HO bulbs.
I had another set go out and couldn't find T5 HO at Lowe's or my local Home Depot, I ended up ordering a Hagen Glo 39" set and retro-fitted the old GLO housing/reflector. Worked great but the cost was closer $50 for the set. Of course then there was the bulbs.

For this application, I ended up ordering the housing and bulbs (from the link below) from Todd was helpful in recommendations.

I'll post a pic once their in to show the difference. I know the plants I have in there will appreciate the added light.
Todd is the man!!! Was going to recommend you ask him. He knows his stuff and what should be the best for your little emperor! (Caesar looks amazing, by the way! ;))
Follow up

Lights are in and installed. The brighter crisper lights make a difference. I get deeper light penetration and end to end coverage. I replaced the yellow basking bulb with a halogen of much lower wattage. Unfortunately the trade off is a small heat beam.

I'll probably change that basking light again. Still trying to find something without as much yellow that will provide a good 8"-10" wide basking spot.

Thanks for your comments and recommendations.


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Cage Specs

The enclosure is custom and ridiculously easy to build. And the jaw dropping of your vistors will be worth the Saturday project.

Lowe's wire 5 teir shelving system, wheels, masonite shelf overlay 2" wider than the wire shelf (manual cut to size & drill holes for poles), Build your own screen walls, door(s), and ceiling. Screw together flush, create footer from screen framing, mist king mister with 3 heads (Left right center) with a large washer they bolt right in the top shelf small hole in screen for fitting. Pump mounted to the bottom of the bottom shelf. Cords and tubing are hidden from view by mouting the pumbling for the misters to the back edge, then black twistys for the cords to mount to the tubing.

Enclosed space is 50"x18"x56", and features four poles for mounts, wire inside roof for additional mounts, and sturdy waterpoof floor. An excellent amount of space to provide exercise, escape from misters, temperature and light gradients.

A drain coud be added by securing the drain hole with a washer to the floor wire shelf in the center. This causes an incline to the center.

The "door" can be created in two ways, either center mount hinge allowing for fold down, or Panel removal with slides and pressure screws. The cage is flexed slightly to release the door, the upper half front panel in the picures. Mine features both. The center hinge door is on the windnow side. I don't use it. 2 or 3 pins along the top prevent door from slipping and provide mounts for night-time privacy curtain. The door and front bottom panel are removed for thorough cleaning.

Unit size 50"x20"x79". Bottom rack holds 6 gal. water reservoir (rubbermaid tub lid sprayed black) and a battery backup. Unplug from the wall and roll away.

Outdoor cage:

Same simple shelving system from Lowe's, 1" 1 1/2" garden mesh, zip ties, screen frame, screen corner pieces, velcro ties. Cut 5 panels of mesh, zip tie around the bars to each panel to enclose, and to shelves. Cut off excess zip tie with angle cutters. Make door from screen framing. Zip tie mesh to door frame, Velcro cable tie door to frame of enclosure, three ties on each side evenly spaced secure it in place. I leave all the velcro ties on one side closed for a hinge when putting him in and out. The enclosed space is roughly the same provides good sun exposure, easily moved, Provides ample mounting points, durable, and allows for wild prey to enter the enclosure.

Time to give your chameleon some room, without giving him your room!


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Shameless plug?

I wanted to follow up by letting the forum know I replaced the halogen spot light I had. I fould the light bulb itself too intense and it did not provide a wide enough beam of heat for Caesar to warm up correctly.

I'm gushing when I say this, But I replaced it with an Exo-Terra Solar Glo 125W bulb at a distance of 9". I love this bulb! Caesar has been displaying a much brighter tone of colors and does not press himself to the roof to get in a better position to bask. He has been more active patroling the enclosure, he was spending longer in the narrow beam of the halogen to heat up. It provides UVA/UVB/Infrared light as well. It's frosted appearance is not nearly as glaring as other bulbs I've tried (Incandescent, ZooMed Basking Bulb, and Halogen). It produces a white light beam warm and inviting, rather than a yellow yellow-orange that many other bulbs do. A deep dome could be used to focus the light and hide the bulb. In a smaller cage I would image this is all you need.

Anyone else have any experience with these bulbs?
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