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Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by wymking, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. wymking

    wymking New Member

    I have 3 chameleons.
    (TANK A)one is Veiled chameleon within 18” x 18” x 24” exoterra glass tank
    a 60W heater bulb, and two 5.0/26W UVB lights bulbs

    (TANK B)1 male jackson chameleon within 18” x 18” x 24” exoterra glass tank
    a 40W heater bulb, and two 5.0/26W UVB lights bulbs

    (TANK C)1 female jackson chameleon within 12” x 12” x 18” exoterra glass tank
    a 40W heater bulb, and one 5.0/26W UVB light bulb.

    My question
    my light setting are ok or not ok?
    if not, how can I fix it?

    beacuse, at day time my tank A B and C temp is around 85F, sometimes even higher than 85F, but never went to 90F
    the humidity for TANK A B and C are very low , it's about 30-40%
    maybe after misting is about 50%, but it will going down very soon.

    Anybody can help me?
  2. Turningdoc

    Turningdoc New Member

    What do you mean by "heater bulb"?
  3. nightanole

    nightanole Avid Member

    Looks good to me. I recommend 50 watts of uvb for a 24x24 top. The basking lights look pretty good too (low wattage for short tanks).

    What are your basking temps?

    PS why such small tanks, your chams are as long as the tanks? Your veiled should be in a 24x24x48 and your jacksons should be in cages at least 18x18x32, if not the same xl cage as the veiled.
  4. wymking

    wymking New Member

    Basking temps means the highest temps in the tank? It is 85f or more than that during the daytime.

    My veiled chameleon is a baby that's why I put him in a small tank. But I don't think it is small. Very big tank .
    My female Jackson is around 1 years old, her tank is small. I'm planning to buy a big one for her.
  5. wymking

    wymking New Member

    The heater light bulb
  6. wymking

    wymking New Member

    The problem that I worried about is the Tank C.
    It is 85f , even more than that. And humidity is about 30%.
    Tank A and B same humidity problem.
    I'm justing wondering where do you put your temp/humidity effector in your tank. I stick them on the vert top of left side. I was thinking maybe I put the effector too close the basking area.
  7. Yamajee

    Yamajee New Member

    I think you're referring to the "basking (spot) lamp".

    Temperatures look just fine to me, but I suggest doing some research on the forum as I'm pretty sure I've seen somewhere in a thread that the wattage can be related to the age of a chameleon. The smaller it is the less watts you need, the bigger the more. Not sure if using 2 5.0 UVB lights or 1 10.0 UVB light will do a difference but isn't that just better than replacing two bulbs every time?

    Yeah mine's placed on the same location as yours for the hygrometer. There are a few tips that you can read to increase humidity like covering the terrarium or putting a bowl of water to increase humidity. Are you using live plants? coz fake plants don't hold in humidity for long, live plants do.
  8. wymking

    wymking New Member

    yes I using live plants.but humidity always 40% in the daytime.
  9. Yamajee

    Yamajee New Member

    Alright let me write you up a few tips and see how it goes:

    1- Mist a few times a day making sure that the enclosure is completely dry before misting again.

    2- Get a large bowl of water and place it near the basking light.

    3- "With mesh enclosures the humidity is much more difficult to maintain: we have an all mesh enclosure for our chameleon, however, humidity levels in our house seem to be around 30-50% and so his humidity levels are quite easy to maintain."

    4- I think a cool mist humidifier/fogger/misting system will help a lllot, try to keep the temperatures up in the room they're placed in too.

    5- I'm pretty sure I've seen someone say that if you place a towel or a piece of cloth around the enclosure it can help maintain the humidity and not let it go down fast.
  10. wymking

    wymking New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I already tried. It's much better than before.
    Thank you very much! My friend

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