lighting for 24" x 24" x 48" enclosure


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hey i have a 5 month old veiled and i am setting up a new screened enclosure. I have been told to use a 160 watt powersun and maybe a 50-75 watt night bulb. Is this the correct lighting for this enclosure? i currently am using a 100 watt powersun on a 16x16x36 inch cage.

depends what your enclosure is made of.

imho, if i were using nylon mesh (flexarium) i would be using a 10.0 24'' flourescent tube. using aluminim screen (reptibreeze) i would be using a 5.0 24'' flourescent tube. my perchase would be no more than 12'' away from the light tube.
yeah its an aluminum screened cage. its basically the same material they use for window screens... so would i use the 5.0 tube light and then have a basking light as well or no?
Most of us use the Zoomed Reptisun 5.0 tube and it would be the 24 inch for that enclosure. You can lay it right on the top as the sides will keep the light off the screen if it has the aluminum frame. You do not need a night bulb at ALL. Dark in the enclosure at night. Also, just use like a 40-50 watt bulb to achieve about a 82degree basking temp. You do not need the powersun!
okay thank you very much. the only time i was gonna use the night bulb is if the temp dropped below 60 or so. and ive been keeping the basking spot about 90-95 so do i need to drop his basking spot by 10 degrees?
yes, basking for a young veilded should be around 80-82 degrees. You could go 5 degrees higher or so for an adult. 90-95 is too hot.
Does it really have to be 24"? Coz I only have the 18". Would that be insufficient?

18"s are fine.

To the OP, the PowerSun bulbs are monsters. It's definitely a bulb you need a minimum of 12" above the top of your cage, the heat and UV output being a Mercury Vapor Bulb is a lot higher then normal heating bulbs/normal UVB bulbs.
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