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Hi All,
So last week I became curious about my lighting. I am just one of those people that will get worried about details, especially if I don’t have a great way to verify the results. So, I became convinced that I needed to order a solarmeter 6.5. I got the 6.5r....because, well, I wanted to haha. So right when I got it, I checked what range it recommended for a panther chameleon, which was 2-3 and measured my dudes perch (~8 inches from the source), which read 2.0. I know I had seen some recommending on this forum to be in the 3-4 range as well, so I decided to just upgrade. I ended up getting the light your reptiles quad with the 6% Arcadia bulb and 3 x 6.5k sunlight bulbs. I’m excited and think that will get me to the range I need. Any thoughts? Right move? Overkill? Anyway, figured I’d share!


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You will probably want to get the 12% bulb with the quad fixture. But the solar meter will tell you for sure.
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