Light Recommendation for a Large 20"x32x48" Enclosure


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Good afternoon,

I just put a hold on a veiled chameleon. Even though I have lights and the change to take him outside in the sun everyday. I'm looking for the best lighting possible for him. The enclosure is 20"x32"x48", screened and highly planted. I've done my research and found that has a 24" double Arcadia with a 6500 grow light for plants.... but which one? The 6% or the 12%?

The enclosure is going to be well planted with 2 ficus, 2 umbrella trees, and 2 pothos. Possibly a hibiscus too.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I personally would go with the 12% as it is heavily planted and I take it will be above mesh?

My veiled did very well under the 12% and I now use them on my panthers too even in cages smaller than this.

As long as the animal can go into shade if it wishes then there is no reason why the 12% cannot be used.

The 12% will give a good uv gradient throughout the cage and will allow the chameleon to receive uv about three feet done into the cage.

I was advised by John at arcadia who makes these bulbs that the 12% would be the best for this species with this size enclosure.
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