Life expectancy

85% of the americans believe that archeologists studie dinosaurs

So I hope you understand why I think he believes this facts

I participated in an historical archaeology dig over the summer in a very public setting. Indeed, even though the site was clearly marked as being an archaeology project, I couldn't even tell you how many people asked about dinosaurs during those three weeks. I assumed it was all tourists, rather than San Diegans..... :rolleyes: Anyway, I can understand why you might've believed him. :D
what is the source of your statistics?

also that is not a page from an american public school book.....

there would be major law suits if such references to a higher being were printed in american public school books.

i can believe the stats, but i just want to know that for sure. people dont know info like that but they know where paris hilton gets her dog clothes, or that whats his face is dumping whats her face for, whats her name
And here's a single page of an american school book:

So I hope you understand why I think he believes this facts

Just because it's a school book doesn't mean it's taught in school. No way in heck that book would be used in a public school, or any catholic school either.

If you think that is what most American kids read in school, you really need to stop watching American television. MTV will rot your brain.
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