letting them 'out'


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me again...

my male Yemen seems really keen to come out of his viv.... im on school holidays at the moment so he's seeing more of me during the day.
Is it ok for him to wander around the shelves and things if i'm watching?
or is it actually more stressful for them and cruel....

hope this isnt too silly a question... I worry a lot if im doing the right thing!

Their feet really arn't designed for flat surfaces like shelves, why not get him a pot plant or faux tree to climb on. :)
not a bad idea thanks

you dont think its stressful? or a bad sign if he's so keen to get out all the time?
Why not get him a tree or large plant to roam around in? Veileds and panthers love being out of the cage.
let the exploration begin! i just moved my nosy be into her adult cage and shes climbing EVERYWHERE. When i had her in her smaller cage i opened up the cage door as i was about to feed her so while getting the crickets into the cup, what does she decide to do? she starts climbing out of the cage to see what im doing. This has never happened before so i just shooed her back into the cage :p So thats when i thought i should move her. I want to get a freerange set up for her but the semester is almost over and ill be moving back home for the summer so theres no point.
Yeah its great to let em out to roam occasionally. Just make sure the area is safe and free from other pets. (dogs, cats, birds, etc..) If you have any fish make sure the tanks are covered just in case of an accidental fall.
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