Let’s see those Bioactive Enclosure’s!!!


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I'll have to take a new picture of mine since my plants have grown in a little bit more. My wandering jew is a little bit smashed down. Ezekiel has been swinging on its vines like he is Tarzan. So they are not all the way to the top of the enclosure anymore.


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DS large atrium. About 5 months.
Make quad
Lighting: 2 jungle dawn LEDs and LYR quad
Microfauna: springtail, giant canyon, and spanish orange isopods
Soil: sunshine organic and abg mix
Plants: schefflera, heart leaf philodendron, pothos, orchid, and coleus.

24x24x18 exo-terra. 1 year
Male carpet
Lighting: zoomed led/uvb combo
Microfauna: springtail, powder blue isopods
Soil: ABG
Plants: pothos, schefflera, hibiscus

16x16x30(recycled cham kit screen cage). 1 year 1 month.
Female carpet.
Lighting: zoomed led/uvb
Microfauna: springtail, dwarf white isopods
Soil: bio guy kit(expensive but is preforming well?
Plants: ficus, pothos, philodendron
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