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This is a post I am not wanting to make and I am a bit scared. Leon is now over 4 years old and my first Veiled. He is the guy that started my obsession. Last week I noticed his tongue is not working well, so I was holding crickets for him to zap at short distances. That seems to be better this week. Today I caught him in his "morning act" and fecal seemed darker and redder than normal, so I grabbed what I could falling through his plant and it is certainly runny and bloody. I really could not smear up enough for a good fecal, so hopefully tomorrow I can capture one and run to the Vet with it. I also have a call into her. I am thinking it safe to assume kidney failure or parasitic infection-correct?

I don't have time to fill out how to ask for help, but just so it is known-24X24X48 lushly planted screen cage with a basking spot at 90 and ambient temps in the low to mid 70's. Reptisun 5.0 UVB, well gutloaded feeders properly supplemented, little handling, had him since he was 2 months old from Fl Chams. I really hope this is not the beginning of the end for him as I have always hoped he would live to be 8 years old. :(
I just talked to the Vet, she agrees doing a fecal is the way to go. I will keep everyone updated.
Oh Julie, I'm so sorry. Please do keep us updated, and I hope you are able to find and correct the problem quickly.......
How is Leon? How did his vet visit go? It could be parasites but Lizbeth had one with bloody fecals that was a ruptured blood vessel.
Juli any news yet? Not bugging you, just checking in.

Laurie-You could never, ever bug me! I got your message and appreciate you checking in on me. I have not had a chance to call. After I talk to the Vet tomorrow I will give you a call.
Laurie-You could never, ever bug me! I got your message and appreciate you checking in on me. I have not had a chance to call. After I talk to the Vet tomorrow I will give you a call.

My boy turns 7 tomorrow, hopefully his luck will wear off on Leon.
Leon ate several crickets and drank well this morning. I am still troubled that he is wearing his "sleepy" night colors all day. Something has to be bothering him. I am hoping for a fecal so I can run them into the Vet. Still waiting to hear from her soon concerning my skin issue rescue Veiled.

I snapped a few pics of the big guy Leon:


Despite a wrenched neck and a muscle relaxer that severely upset my stomach, I was at the Vet at 8am with Leon. She agrees, he looks good, still well over 200 grams, but that we need a fecal. He has no hard masses in his abdomen or anywhere else. And it is not so much that he is weak, but that his balance is off. He seems to be listing to one side. This could be neurological. SO-today we wait for a fecal. After we see what that looks like he may be getting a shot of cortizone. I have modified his cage by setting his big Scheflera on the bottom and put some heat lamps on the side of the cage half way down. I will keep everyone posted.
Poor Leon, he will get past all this, he is like Arnold, he is tough. keep me posted.

Tonight I am not sure he will. I found him on his side, alive but he seems to not have balance. I dripped some water on his nose and he drank the tiniest bit. He seems to almost want to spin-which is almost always a neurolgical issue. He did poop-very little blood in it-so that will be going in first thing in the morning. If he does pass, I will have a necropsy done so we know for sure what happened. Poor guy-my heart hurts about this.:(
Hey julirs, i ran into something similar to this some time ago, back when my male panther was about a year old i was in a bad spot and had to pick up crickets from petsmart. well i did the fecal exam with the vet, and it came up positive for pin worms.

now not saying this is the case. but it could be one scenario.
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