Leon at 16 weeks!


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Leon is now just over 16 weeks. I was a bit worried about his head being grayish, but now he is showing large pink-violet stripes on his casque. How does he look?
Oh-he was not happy about the camera! I also think he was trying to warm up this morning, and that gave me a good opportunity to show the striping on his casque.
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Hes so tiny hahahaha i love looking at pictures of my cham when he was small... They grow up so fast!
Looks good to me! Seems kinda upset about the whole camera in his face, but other than that seems just to be a dark colored dude.
Just 1 note… Do you happen to have a live plant in the cage? My Veilds love to munch on the ficus plants every now and again. You don’t NEED them, but I have found them to be a positive cage addition.
OK--this afternoon was cage cleaning time so hubby held him while I cleaned the cage. After that I set his Reptarium by the pool for some good sun time-he loved it! Vega$Chad-he also has live Pothos in his cage-you just could not see it in the pic. Here he is in all his light colored glory!

Oh mind you-he can hiss and puff up with the best of them. Once he is out, which is rarely, he seems OK.
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