least stressful way to get my cham out?


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I am going to the vet tomorrow and was wondering what is the least stressful way to get my baby out of her cage?
Heisenburg my female veiled comes out for a wax worm always works. But Icarus my male panther wont do it, but I have a piece of bamboo that I put under his chin and lift slightly and he usually will climb onto it himself. You just have to be very patient!
I use a spare part of a fake vine. just put it in front of them and mine usually walks right onto it. Careful with its tail!
I had an eye issue with my panther and had to get him out twice a day to give him an eye drop.

Obviously he caught on and hated coming out. So I figured a way to gently get him off his perch by sliding my middle fingers under him very slowly and carefully (palm up), once they get to a point he grabs on, then I use my second hand to stick a finger under his tail so he grabs it. Then he comes out.

Now that I am done with the drops, I have been hand feeding him a superworm every day either on my lunch or when I get home. Now he associated my hand with food, and comes to the front of the cage when I am by, he comes out, just disappointed when there is no worm. haha.

Sometimes if I just rest my hand in front of him, I will be standing there until my arm is tired. So depends on how he is feeling.
the only way I ever get Koop out is if I lure him out with a worm.. Lure him all the way to the front of the cage until his only option to get close enough to shoot the worm is to get on my hand.. Works every time:D

He must have a bad memory because he gets pissed every time like "DAM i fell for it again!" haha
I'm having the same problem with my female veiled Cornbread. She runs to the corner of her cage every time I try and hand feed her or take her out to clean the cage. If I hold a worm near her, or at least close enough for her to see the worm, she just gapes at me and occasionally hisses (although, she has stopped puffing up as much, and she doesn't get all dark like she did when I first got her, so I guess that's progress). I have never been able to get her to eat from my hand (or the chopsticks I use to hold insects) and I have only seen her snipe a cricket off a leaf once.

I want so badly for her to like me, but she just seems to hate the **** out of me. But I wont stop trying!
thanks everyone! i had a hell of a time this morning getting her =[

she loved everyone at the vets office but hates when i try to get her =[

i held some mealworms in my hand but she did not come for them, which i thought she would cause she always eats them up.

does anyone have some advice on hand feeding?
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