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Hi all!! I have a question, so I placed this laying bin in her new cage a couple of weeks ago to have in there at all times for when she is ready. I thought she was already there but I also think I am so worried about everything that I over analyze and she isn't ready. Here is my question, how long does a laying bin stay in there before being swapped with new sand/soil mix. Her potty is not in there that I can see and have placed her branches so she wouldn't have an easy chance to make this her toilet, however, after missing I'm worried for bacteria and want to know should I be changing this out more often then not? Thank you!


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After they reach the age of 4 to 5 months it’s recommend to keep a laying bin in the enclosure at all times. I just scoop the top daily and freshen the sand/dirt weekly. Try to put the bin in the far back corner for privacy and away from the dripping and the pooping.

Here’s my egg laying blog. You might find it helpful.

An excellent video about making a laying bin.
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