Laying Bin


I have a female veiled chameleon and she is about to lay her eggs any day now. I have a pretty decent sized bucket full of dirt in her enclosure right now and it takes up quite a bit of space in there. I was wondering if it is okay to take the bin out once she has laid her eggs and then wait in til she is ready to lay eggs again in a few months to put the bin back in? Or, are you supposed to have a laying bin in the enclosure at all times.


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It is best to leave a lay bin as a permanent part of your enclosure. Instead of a bucket though, you could use a plastic tote of at least 12x12x12”. Play sand is best, but you could add a bit of soil and place a plant in the corner of the bin. Just make sure to drill some small drainage holes in the bottom of the bin. It only needs to be filled to about 6-8” and make sure there’s a couple of vines or sticks so she can get in/out. Leave what you have in there for now until after she lays so you don’t disturb her.
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