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How do you all make them? Where can I get the supplies? Sorry for the silly question! I'm getting all my stuff this weekend and want to hook this up! lol I PICS COMING SAT!
I use bird ladders, they are cheap and come in different sizes. You can usually find them at the big pet stores- my cham loves them!
OMG, thanks for the post, those are so cheap. I feel really dumb I've never thought about using those.
I usally go to PetSmart for the ladders, just look in the bird section. They are cheap ($6.99 for a 24") and very useful in a cage. My panthers use their ladders daily.

Now let me go check out petsmart
Wow this post made my day! I walk past the bird supplys all the time and the thought never crossed my mind to use bird ladders. I use a lot of bamboo from my yard. I've always thought about making something similar to the play sets birds have for the top of their cages. Maybe it would be easier to buy a lot of bird toys and put it together!
Sorry I don't have an image of mine i'm on the go on my phone.

What I did was go to michaels(arts and crafts store) and get the 5/16th of an inch (.8cm) wooden sticks (44 cents each) I only needed 2 for the latter.
I then bought 12yds of hemp rope for $1.49.

I assembled it how I wanted using a dot of hot glue. Then I wrapped each part with the rope(the glue is not accessible for the cham to eat/lick).

It was fun putting together the ladder and it looks cooler than those premade bird ones simply because its wrapped up and has a "jungle" look to it.

My cham prefers the vines/stick over the latter anyday (and I've tried the premade ones too) so that's why its not in there atm.
I use the bird ladders as well, but I added some of those bamboo rods people use to secure vines and other plants, adding some perpendicular across the top and bottom, so he could use it to get from one side of his cage to the other.

My veiled loves it :) and I draped some vines across parts of it so it looks more tree-house like.
Haha! I love these ladders I've been using them for the past 3 years and my guys love them. I also love rope and my veiled seems to bask or hang out on the rope more. I'm sure its because its soft on his feet.


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