La Nena


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La Nena is muy bonita:cool:

congratz for having a happy healthy lookin the blues


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I’m really not sure about her age. People that had seen her, tell me she between 6 and 8 months.

As she is showing colors of receptiveness, I haven't put the egg laying bin in her cage yet, but that's something I would defiantly do in the coming weeks or days.



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yeah you should be ready especially if she starts going down towards the bottom of the cage. Better to be prepared and not having to scramble and run into a situation that could harm her if she needs to lay and cannot.
she is a cutie. I would keep an eye on her belly and keep a laying bin near by. I use a trash bin with a few inches of dirt. An ideal setup I have used before is a 5 gallon bucket filled up just enough so that the cham can't get out... when you think she is pretty close to being ready to lay... you see her walking low in the cage or maybe digging in her plants... place her into the bucket and put her in a place where she can't see anyone or anything moving. Give her a light to see and for heat... she'll do the rest if shes ready, or she'll sit there bored. Sometimes it helps to have a plant for her to feel more secure, but this requires a larger bucket to keep her from escaping.
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