Kuzco's Hatchday!!!


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Hey! Today is Kuzco's hatch day! And my birthday :D
He's one!!!!! My adorable little ham :):) I will post pics later (new phone!!!) Man. I can't believe it has been a year already!!!!
Happy Birthday to you and Happy Hatchday to Kuzco!

Can't wait to see pictures. You haven't posted in awhile. :)
Thanks guys!
Sorry this is so late! It's not really any excuse, but my other thread explains a little bit of why I've been gone. I know I promised you guys pics! An dI promise to get them on here ASAP!! :D

What's been going on since we've been gone??
Well for one thing, we've been waiting to see a picture of Kuzco's Hatchday celebration... still trying to figure out that new phone??? :p:D;)

Haha, yes! And new computer, so that hasn't helped any! I'm new to Windows 8, and my gmail is now google+ so idk how to upload pics haha

Happy birfday to y'all! Where ya been?

Thanks! Long story haha. I got into the respiratory program at Ivy Tech and they now own my soul hahaha
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