Krakens tail is probably dead.


I touched his tail and its hard and black. Im taking him to the vet in a day or two. Any tips for as of right now I can do? I'm worried about him.


this is what it looks like now- it has gotten worse. please, need some replies.


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I thought you were taking him to the vets?
The dead part will likely fall off I a few days or weeks but sometimes they leave an open wound when they come off which can get infected. If he got any bacteria in it already he may have an infection already and if it goes through his body he can die.


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This is honestly unbelievable. Your previous threads are all littered with people telling you "Go to the vet!!!" to which you kept saying "Soon, soon, I'm tying my hardest I swear." That was at minimum two weeks ago. You need to stop lying if you actually value this animal's life and start putting some effort in.

You don't need our replies. You need to go to the vet immediately.


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While I agree with the above posts, in the interest of the Cham, I’d like to propose the following. If you are not going to surrender him, then a vet visit is the only ethical option. I assume your parents are not against a vet visit per se, but simply a) are not willing to pay for a vet for a reptile because they think reptiles don’t qualify as vet worthy as, say, a dog or cat; b) are financially not able to fit any vet visit into the budget; c) are perhaps not willing to take financial responsibility for what they deem is your financial responsibility; d) have some principled religious stance on medical assistance in general.

A solution to all but d) would be for you yourself to come up with the funds to pay for the vet. My guess is a couple hundred bucks would cover it. Note that this solution could potentially a) show your parents that their view of reptiles as inferior unworthy pets is, at the very least, their opinion, not a universally held axiom; b) relieve any financial burden from them; c) demonstrate your own willingness to take responsibility for one of your charges, and perhaps make them more willing to help you in the future based on your obvious acceptance of adult responsibilities.

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I’m still really confused as to why this animal is suffering, you have been posting threads for a year now. We all give you the same solution... GO TO THE VET but instead you keep trying to find the “easy was out” why??


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Just a week or two ago it was only the tip of the tail, I’m curious as to what if any home treatment you did to prevent it from spreading? I would guess you did absolutely nothing. If you want to do the right thing and your parents won’t cough up the funds then you need to surrender your Cham to a rescue. This is just sad...


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Honesty though just take them to the vet. How would you like it if you where just slowly withering away in your own room and your parents just watched you as it happened. I made the mistake of letting my cham die slowly. I won't let you make that mistake. Take kraken to the vet before it is too late. Value the life of your cham.
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