Kinyongia Boehmei eggs caresheet


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Hello colleagues,

This is the first time I post in this forum but I have been reading a lots of post with information which was really helpful for me and my chameleons. Thanks for that.

I wanted to introduce my couple of Kinyongia Boehmei. They are coming from a farm in Kenya and are with me here in Spain around a month ago. The female arrived pregnant and laid the eggs 3 days ago. The female is in a good condition after laying so am very happy for that because she stopped to eat two weeks ago and I was afraid. Now is eating normally.

I guess the colour of the eggs is ok but I wanted to ask you guys if you have incubated this species because is my very first time incubating chameleon's eggs. The temp am using is around 70F (around 21° degrees) and the humidity is around 75-80% inside a wine cooler.

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70-72F is perfect. Dont move the eggs and you'll be fine. If you decide you want to move them out of the vermiculite and into hatch rite or something else, make sure you mark where the top is so you dont kill the embryos. Good luck with this clutch, 6-9 months of waiting ahead!
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