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We have a cat. She is a killer. She killed our goldfish, but his little tank had a top on it and everything! Ever since I found out she did that to our goldfish I have been worried sick my cham would be next!! :(
I was wondering if anyone has a cat and a Cham and knows how to keep the Cham safe from there cat. I would really appreciate some tips to calm my mind!:p
I have a chameleon and a bearded dragon that share the bedroom with us. We also have 3 cats, 3 dogs and a long list of other pets. We made a "no bedroom" rule and no longer allow any of the larger pets into the bedroom.
Really its a pet-by-pet situation, but your best bet is to eliminate access to the room.
:D hahaha I died laughing! I would love to get rid of the cat (she really doesn't like me) but apparently some people in my family like her!:p
We have 2 cats and a dog. our chams are in our room and our cats have access in there. However both cats either ignore the chams or are WAY more interested in the crickets roaming around.
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