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Hi! :) Just gotta add my 2 cents. It’s not really the age of your child that I would see as a concern. There have been some younger folks here (kids) that are actually more mature and responsible in caring for their chameleons than some adults have been. Having your full support and supervision is also a big plus. do need to be concerned about the age of any chameleon you may get. Under 3 months old are very fragile and not recommended, especially as a first chameleon. The younger the chameleon is, the more sensitive it is to even the smallest husbandry error and too often there’s a very sad result. I do suggest learning all you can about keeping chameleons thru and do check out Neptune the chameleon on YouTube for more accurate and up to date education. It is always best to get everything set up and make sure temps, humidity and all else is correct before actually getting the animal.
As for roaches, I hate and fear roaches just as much as anybody, yet I’ve got a couple of colonies of them in my garage. I have discoid and Surinam. They aren’t at all like the icky German roaches or palmetto bugs. I’ve had roaches for about 1 1/2 years now and am yet to touch any of the big ugly adult ones. It’s been rare that I’ve even needed to touch any of the smaller kinda cute baby ones either. I use tongs and this wonderful apparatus.
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Strangely enough, I have actually grown rather fond of my icky roaches. For some unGodly reason, I enjoy watching when I feed them and often feel bad when I sacrifice the babies to my chameleon masters.
I will have to get those as my eyesight and agility ix not what it was lol
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